Snotify 1.0 released - Silences notification sounds

I've just released my latest app; Snotify which is a Windows Phone 7.5 application that silences notification sounds based on a schedule. The application will let you set a schedule to turn off notification sounds once a day. It's the perfect application to keep you from waking up at nights due to emails, text messages or toast notifications.

Changing notification sounds requires write access to the registry. Thanks to Heathcliff74 and his WP7 Root Tools SDK, this is now possible if you have a compartible phone.



Snotify is available for FREE and can be downloaded here:

Snotify_1_2_0_1171.xap (279.75 kb)

Snotify_1_1_0_1155.xap (269.11 kb)

Snotify_1_0_0_1153.xap (267.87 kb)

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5/7/2012 2:13:41 AM #

Great! I'll test it. Thanks!

5/8/2012 11:42:59 AM #

thank you! ^^

5/21/2012 12:30:47 AM #

Works great. How about custom schedule for different days of the week?

i.e. I want my phone to be on silent when I'm at the office during the week, but not on the weekend.

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